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A2Dominion abusing parking system

20150209_084124State-funded housing association A2Dominion is abusing the parking system in Ealing on a large scale. Its staff and contractors routinely use so called service vouchers to commute to work at A2Dominion’s premises at 85 Uxbridge Road and park in the Adjacent Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). This morning I watched one of their staff park in a CPZ bay on Mattock Lane and walk into A2 Dominion’s new building at 113 Uxbridge Road.

It isn’t just one person. I counted 23 vehicles parked with service vouchers in Zone JJ CPZ on the northern leg of Culmington Road on 17th June last year. Coincidentally I found another 23 vehicles parked with service vouchers on 15th January this year. From talking to the people involved I know that some of these people are council staff and some are A2Dominion. The sullen way in which these “public servants” abuse the system they themselves are meant administer is depressing to see. I have raised this matter twice with the council and local councillors. Nothing has changed and the councillors are mute.

The terms and conditions for these vouchers are loose but clear enough I think:

Service Vouchers are used to park legally in the Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) for operational reasons only. Please Note; Operational reasons include visits to residential or commercial properties. (e.g. a Utility company carrying out works or emergency visits.)

20150115_114930The vouchers are specifically not for commuting. They are designed to allow businesses to service residents and businesses in CPZs.

Both the JJ CPZ (which is abused by A2Dominion) and the W CPZ (that is abused by council staff) are immediately adjacent to the town centre and only operate for two hours so are cheap to use for the day if you stick two £1.20 vouchers in your window.

Why are A2Dominion allowed to get away with this continuing abuse? Could it have anything to with the fact that council leader Julian Bell is an A2Dominion tenant? Or that the Labour councillor in charge of parking, Bassam Mahfouz, is an A2Dominion employee?

Is any of this important? If Culmington Road is going to be parked up all day by commuters this will reduce the opportunity for residents to park near Walpole Park and walk across the park into Ealing. Similarly parking in Mattock Lane makes it harder for people to get to the Mattock Lane Health Centre. Right now A2Dominion is furnishing its new building. Check out to find out more. It is three times larger than the previous building on the site in terms of floorspace and it has built over the parking space at the rear. We should not allow A2Dominion to use the CPZ as its company car park.

2 replies on “A2Dominion abusing parking system”

As a culmington road resident I agreed with mr Taylor’s conclusions that service vouchers are being consistently used for commuter parking. Nearly all residents spaces are occupied by 8.30am with two service vouchers prominently displayed.
I am pleased that this parking abuse is finally being investigated.


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