Ealing and Northfield

There is such a thing as a free lunch

NUT poster

Well dinner actually at the Clay Oven. Last night Ealing NUT had their annual general meeting at the Clay Oven Indian restaurant on Ealing Broadway. Amazingly they were giving away 75 free dinners. It seems that Ealing NUT has so much money that it can afford to give away free meals to get people to attend its AGM. In all my years of being a part of rowing clubs, Conservative associations, scouts and residents’ associations I never heard of such a thing. Ealing NUT must have money to burn.

How can this be so? How can they afford to have a fulltime organiser, Stefan Simms, the second SWP extremist in succession to have the role, and give out free food? The answer is of course that the council pay his wages in a bizarre arrangement called facility time. Simms predecessor was paid 100% by the council. I don’t know what Simms’ sweetheart deal looks like right now but most or all of his salary will be paid by council tax payers rather than NUT members.

You might think that Binda Rai, the Labour councillor in charge of education, would know well enough to keep well away from this gathering but she turned up too. Rai is new but is she really that green? Did she get one of the free dinners I wonder?

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