Ealing and Northfield

Who is the boss of Ealing?

This tweet from Seph Brown is very telling. He refers to Council Leader Julian Bell at “the boss”. Brown is Labour’s paid organiser for all three Ealing Parliamentary constituencies which also happen to be coterminous with the borough boundaries.

You might think that he would think that Rupa Huq, Virendra Sharma and Stephen Pound were his bosses given that they are standing in the general election in three months time. Huq particularly given Labour’s ambition to force three Labour MPs on Ealing.

Cllr Bell has known Rupa Huq since she was a small child and she is very much his choice for Ealing Central and Acton. Bell’s power base is Southall where Bell works two days a week for Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma, in spite of drawing an allowance designed to recompense a full-time leader of the council.

Since the Southall faction saw off a coup by the Ealing North crowd two years ago and dismissed all of their councillors from holding offices with special responsibility allowances (ie extra pay), the Southall faction and Cllr Bell have had a firm grip on Labour in Ealing. The boss indeed.

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