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Rupa Huq using careers fair at her old school for campaigning

It was unusual to see Labour’s candidate for the Ealing Central and Acton constituency acknowledging her time at Notting Hill and Ealing High School last night.

Huq schooling

A recent leaflet from Rupa Huq said:

I went through primary and secondary schools in the constituency and this is where I am bringing my young family now.

It was accompanied by a photo of her and her sister with a caption referring to Montpelier Primary School. No mention of her “secondary school”.

In her tweet last night Rupa Huq referred to “my old 2ndry”. I think Huq is trying to down play her elite education, without which it is hard to get anywhere in modern politics, whatever party interests you.

Although it is some years since Rupa Huq went to Notting Hill it has had a good reputation for decades. It is an elite private school, part of the Girls’ Day School Trust network.

According to the Sunday Times Notting Hill is ranked 35th out of 420 private schools in the country. In 2014 90.1% of girls taking a GCSE got A*/A and 91.8% of girls taking an A level got A*/A/B. These figures are eye-watering and leave the rest of Ealing’s schools standing (more of that later).

After Notting Hill it was not a great leap to Cambridge. So when Rupa Huq makes out that she is just a local girl start looking for the salt cellar.

Anyway, apparently last night at the Notting Hill careers fair Rupa Huq wasn’t talking about how to get ahead in the groves of academe as a sociology lecturer. Judging by the pile of Labour party leaflets on her table she was electioneering.

2 replies on “Rupa Huq using careers fair at her old school for campaigning”

Happy new year Phil,

Didn’t see you there?! To filll you in, I couldn’t match all the leaflets Angie had but I did take along 3 books I have authored – as commended by British Sociological Association.

Am not trying to hide that I attended Notting Hill – if you read the tweet it is quite upfront but no twitter name to name and only 140 characters. Cameron does not refer to Eton all the time either so I think it unfair to keep on at me about this.



Hi. Due respect for “engaging”.

At a careers fair it might be thought strange to talk about a job you aspire to rather than one you do do.

I quoted from the leaflet on your table in your photo. It has a photo of you in a smart mushroom coloured jacket on the front. It mentions Montpelier but not NHEHS and Cambridge. It’s main issue focus is the local NHS and it refers to you as Dr four times without clarifying that you are a cultural studies PhD. I do think you are trying to portray yourself in a slanted way.

You are a very capable academic I am sure but you are essentially mute apart from slagging off local NHS changes that stem from Andy Burnham’s own £20 billion Nicholson Challenge programme. Your leaflet says you will be “the strong, local voice for our communnity” but we hear nothing from you about how Labour would do things differently in the local NHS and no other opinions whatsoever. You went to an elite school in Ealing that is streets ahead of other local secondaries. You don’t seem to have any insight as to how our less well performing schools could be raised up to name but one issue.


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