Ealing and Northfield

Is Ealing’s Labour council sharing out road spending fairly?

We know that Labour has cut road spending by 40% (which is £10 million). As well as this huge cut the distribution of the remaining money has been very uneven. One ward, Ealing Common, has had absolutely nothing spent on it for three years. Other wards have had over £1 million spent on them. Many residents feel that their areas are looking shabby and the bad state of their roads, as well as continuing poor cleaning, is a huge part of that.

Ealing road spending

If you analyse where the roads and pavements have been worked on there is a marked divergence between each of Ealing’s three Parliamentary constituencies.

Ealing Southall seems to have got its fair share, although this share is 40% less than it was when the Conservatives were in power.

Ealing North has had well over half of the cash for the whole borough which has compensated for Labour’s cut. In Ealing North they are enjoying the same level of spending that the borough as a whole enjoyed for four years of Conservative control.

The part that misses out is Ealing Central and Acton. Angie Bray’s constituency is only getting 13% of the Borough’s roads spending. This represents a £7.3 million loss compared to what was happening under the previous administration. It doesn’t look fair.

Road spending numbers

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