Ealing and Northfield

Government funds more re-cycling for Ealing’s schools


At last week’s Council Meeting, Cllr Isobel Grant, Cleveland Ward, presented 112 letters from students and parents of Mount Carmel School asking for plastic recycling facilities at their school.

The Council has since confirmed that it will be introducing this to all schools and as a priority, Mount Carmel School will have a collection of plastic starting in the autumn. This was something that the council had in hand anyway and the funding for this is part of a £1.1 million grant from central Government that the council bid for and won earlier in the year (although the report failed to mention schools).

The pupils at Mount Carmel were lucky with their timing and lucky too that the council is getting £1.1 million of fresh funds from the “Tory-led Coalition”. The council likes to talk about cuts but is loath to admit when it gets new money from central government. No doubt any future references to this funding will acknowledge its source, unlike last time.

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