Ealing and Northfield

20% of Ealing’s streets were unacceptably dirty in November

Figures released on Thursday night (question 32) show that 20% of Ealing’s streets were unacceptably dirty in November. Eight months into the new Enterprise contract Ealing council has still not managed to give residents the service that they pay for.

This new contract is actually meant to be better than the old one. The previous contract with May Gurney demanded that at least 90% of Ealing’s streets were graded A in the nationally agreed measurement scheme for these things. As you can see last year May Gurney typically exceeded this. The new contract says at least 95% of Ealing’s streets should be cleaned to grade A standard. Again the figures show the nearest that Enterprise has got to this was August and September when 12.9% of streets were unacceptably dirty. In October and November these numbers were 16.2% and 19.5% respectively. Of course it is harder to keep the streets clean in the autumn but Enterprise has been 2.5 times worse than May Gurney was the year before. May Gurney consistently met its 90% target last year. Enterprise hasn’t got anywhere near its contracted target.

Back in November Enterprise came to the Overview and Scrutiny meeting for a grilling. You wouldn’t know it from the minutes but three different Tory councillors asked essentially the same question. When will Enterprise meet its 95% grade A target? Three times the question was ignored by council leader Cllr Julian Bell and the man in charge of this nonsense Cllr Bassam Mahfouz. Neither the Labour administration nor Enterprise has made any undertaking as to when Ealing residents will get the service they pay for.

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