Ealing and Northfield

Northfield is a mess – sorry

I am sorry that our streets have been looking so tatty lately. I have obtained figures for street cleaning in October that show that Northfield ward had the dirtiest streets in Ealing in October, almost 30% of our streets were dirty. The graph below show the percentage of A rated streets in each ward for the month of October.

Problems continue with collections with the south of the ward having particular problems this week. This photo was taken at 3pm today in Darwin Road. It looked as if no recycling had been collected. It was due to be collected on Monday. There were 10s of food boxes uncollected in Carlyle Road and driving past it looked like Julien Road, Wellington Road and Bramley Road had not had their recycling collected. These failures are down to 2 vehicle breakdowns earlier in the week officers tell me. Please let me know if your road has problems and if the whole area isn’t cleared up by Friday lunchtime. Councillors have been chasing in response to e-mails from residents. Thanks for letting us know.

4 replies on “Northfield is a mess – sorry”

On a slightly related note how does one report flyposting to Ealing Council? I can see a number of “report it” options but not for flyposting.



Sorry not to respond quicker.

If you call 020 8825 6000 they will take the report. If you want to report online you should be able to use the graffiti form – the same team does fly-posting and graffiti.


Thank you for the information Phil.

Is there any particular reason for the difference in cleanliness of streets between wards, or is it just chance due to the inconsistent service currently in operation?



To be honest I don’t know. The overall street cleaning stats are bad enough right now that I have been concentrating on beating up the council at the borough level. I have just posted on how 20% of the whole borough’s streets were unacceptably dirty in November. Once the whole borough is looking a bit brighter I might drill down and see if there are any particularly bad areas.


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