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Francis Maude makes Ealing look bad: The council refuses to trim senior management costs

I have been keeping track of the cost of the senior management team at Ealing Council. You might have thought that it would have been halved like envirocrime officers and park rangers or stopped almost completely like the councils contributions to voluntary organisations. No.

Over Labour’s first two years in power, whilst they have been screaming “cuts” to the rooftops, they have only managed to take just over 5% out of senior management costs. The council still has 91 £100K staff, indeed it has one more than last year.

Central government has been doing rather better than this as reported by the Telegraph yesterday. 37% of the most highly paid have been taken out. The council should take note of what Francis Maude has achieved.

2 replies on “Francis Maude makes Ealing look bad: The council refuses to trim senior management costs”

Yet (Tory) Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea have slashed senior management costs and been innovative in sharing services and managers. I don’t have the exact figures but it’s pretty significant. I know it’s slightly different as they’re far smaller boroughs but it still shows these things can be done. Seems to me that Ealing is reluctant to cut the exorbitant top level and would rather slash the frontline.

I don’t agree with the cuts the government is imposing either but from an outsider looking into Ealing it seems your borough isn’t dealing with them very well or helpfully for residents.


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