Ealing and Northfield

Lazy bones

I wonder if Ealing & Hillingdon’s GLA member, Onkar Sahota, will turn up for today’s Mayor’s Question Time meeting of the full London Assembly at 10am? I guess he will turn up but as he has only put down one question you wonder if his heart is really in it.

Sahota is paid £53,439 a year to perform a specific function on behalf of the 600,000 population of the boroughs of Ealing and Hillingdon. That function is scrutiny. Questions, which have to be answered promptly, are the main mechanism by which assembly members can hold the mayor to account. Sahota has only been an assembly member for 4 months. Is there nothing he wants to know? Altogether assembly members have asked 505 questions for today. 1 out of 505 does not sound like a high work rate to me.

I wouldn’t like Sahota to ask questions for the sake of it but the main responsibilities of the Mayor are overseeing the police and public transport. Are there really no police or transport issues across these two boroughs? Between them these two services spend over £10 billion per annum. Dr Sahota, what are you doing?

One reply on “Lazy bones”

There are twelve members of the Labour Group on the London Assembly including Dr Sahota. That Group will have at its disposal a number of administrative staff and probably two or three full time researchers. If Dr Sahota cannot think of questions to ask the researchers should certainly be able to come up with a few. Simple!


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