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Labour’s health spokesman not speaking

Another non-performer on the Labour cabinet in Ealing is Cllr Jasbir Anand who has the Health and Adult Services portfolio. Although the council does not directly provide health services it is responsible for health promotion and adult social services and in particular the interworking of the health system and social services. The council has a vital (and statutory) role in holding the health system to account to local people through the scrutiny process. This work is done by the Health and Adult Social Services Standing Scrutiny Panel.

Although Anand might argue that she is not required to attend these meetings her attendance is pathetic. Of 13 meetings that have happened since she was appointed as the portfolio holder she has only managed to attend four times and speak only twice. If Anand was harder working and more capable she would be using these meetings as a platform to speak for health improvement in the Borough and to convey the council’s approach to health improvement.

Members of the committee tell me that she only ever talks about Ealing Hospital and simply makes a statement without taking part in debate. I remember that when Anand was a member of this committee years ago she used to turn up late and leave early. Apparently she hasn’t got any better lately. When she does turn up she just says her piece and clears off.

Like her colleagues Cllrs Tailor and Walker you don’t get the impression that Cllr Anand is earning her £25,448.

One reply on “Labour’s health spokesman not speaking”

Great article, not being sarcastic this so called councillor has not done anythign for her ward

Im surprised Labour still hire her,
the main gripe for voters are councillors who actually do nothing
I beleive she is part of Southall Green ward and that already is in a bad state
many years ago, she was invovled a heated and nasty catfight which was on public display with rnb singer Tasha Tah, her reputation hasnt increased ever since. she shoudl quit, or Cllr Bell should get rid of her..


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