Ealing and Northfield

It’s all too much for Tailor

Cllr Hitesh Tailor, the councillor that Labour has put in charge of housing in the borough, is complaining about his local MP. Tailor is also employed as a housing officer by Islington so you might imagine he would be across housing issues. Tailor is a Labour councillor for East Acton ward. The local Conservative MP is Angie Bray who represents the Ealing Central and Acton constituency.

Is Tailor saying he is the wrong person to raise Housing issues with in Ealing? Tailor draws allowances of £25,488 from the council. He could get on with the job and stop complaining.

If I was advising a resident of Acton who had a housing issue I would tell them that one of the Acton councillors is in charge of housing and if the system isn’t working for you, approach him. Of course, if Labour’s housing boss is telling us he is useless I had better modify my advice.

One reply on “It’s all too much for Tailor”

Hitesh is a weasel worm! I always get matters from residents referred to me by our MP in Ealing. She can’t do as much at a local level as local Councillors can, hence why the borough elects 69 Councillors, or 3 per ward!

Hitesh, like many of the labour Cabinet, love the allowances but hate working…such socialists!


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