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Five bouquets for Ealing Labour: An academy for Greenford

Right now the people behind the new high school in the north of the borough are consulting on what the school should look like, see here. It has been clear for some years that a new high school was needed in the borough and it has been obvious that it should be in the north of the borough. It is good to see the council pushing ahead with this programme.

One of the big achievements of previous council leader Jason Stacey was to secure the Glaxo sports and social site in Greenford for a new school in 2008. He was especially pleased to secure a site within his own ward of Greenford Green. In June 2009, the previous administration authorised the purchase land at the former GSK Sports Ground, Oldfield Lane North to accommodate the new high school.

Just before Christmas, on 20th December, the council signed off the next stage of the project made possible by a £18 million grant from Michael Gove’s Department for Education.

The working name for the new Church of England high school being developed in partnership with the popular Twyford School in Acton is North Ealing Church of England Academy (NECEA). This is a truly awful name. Especially as the school won’t be in Ealing but in Greenford. The school will be within the ancient Greenford Magna parish boundary. Greenford Magna Church of England High School sounds good to me.

Ealing council will facilitate the provision of the site for this school after that it is down to the Twyford team to make it happen. Well done to the council again.

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I’m also pleased that we appear to be getting a new secondary school which may be accessible to West Ealing children.

Isn’t this new school going to be a so called Free School and as such will be outside the local democratic control of Ealing Council? As I understand it the ‘parents’ who run the school will report to national government. Presumably also the build will be expensively funded by a PFI.

No doubt some north West Ealing parents will send their children to this school although some may well object to the school being a faith school. I would certainly have preferred that the new school be a non-faith/secular school.

Happy New Year Councillor!



As far as I know the school will be an academy rather than a free school. It will be run by a team from Twyford/CofE.

People seem to like church schools. Maybe some of the atheists out there need to start some schools that parents like. If the atheists can’t be bothered the God squad will win that particular race. Not many seem to be keen on state provided uniformity.

Academies are directly funded by DfE. If parents don’t like them they fail. They are effectively accountable to parents. Sounds good to me as a parent of a child who is currently filling in primary applications forms.

Not sure that anyone worries that private schools are outside “democratic control”.

Happy New Year to you Eric.


I can’t understand why central Ealing doesn’t need a school. It would seem to the only part of Ealing without a comprehensive co-ed school. All the primary schools in the area are expanding.

On a different subject do you believe we will really see a 20 screen cinema built on Uxbridge Road?



Ealing is ringed by 5 secondaries: Acton, Brentside, Drayton Manor, Elthorne and Twyford. They are all about the same distance from my house in Ealing as Tarring High School in Worthing was from my childhood home. I had a bike. Today’s kids have free buses if they don’t fancy the ride.

As for the cinema I don’t suppose that Empire are bothering to negotiate with Ealing’s planners unless they intend to do something however tardy. The council still has a CPO hanging over their heads.


Brentside , Drayton, Greenford High, Cardinal Wiseman, West London Academy, Northolt High all seem to more than cover Greenford by that measurement. Surely the real reason is land prices.


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