Ealing and Northfield

Five bouquets for Ealing Labour: Keeping the place clean

One of the things that I would praise the Labour administration in Ealing for is keeping on top of the street cleaning. Sure it is not perfect. It never has been. But, it was truly atrocious. By 2004 Ealing was the dirtiest borough in London with 49% of streets significantly dirty. Not only that but Ealing paid amongst the most for its terrible service, see here.

Earlier this year Labour Cllr Bassam Mahfouz was happy to boast of a 1% improvement in the National Indicator of Cleanliness (NI 195a). This performance indicator has gone through various identities (BVPI 199, BVPI 199a, now NI 195a (discontinued)). I can’t tell you how much the Tories sweated to get this number down from 35%. It was one of the major focuses of our administration and the previous council leader Jason Stacey pulled all kinds of stunts to keep the council officers and our contractor focused on cleaning up Ealing. The numbers tell their own story.

This graph shows the percentage of littered streets year by year.

I am very pleased that Cllr Mahfouz knows he has to perform well in this area.

One reply on “Five bouquets for Ealing Labour: Keeping the place clean”

Hello Phil and a happy new year to you.

Not sure Bassam can take any legitimate credit for the street cleaning performance, although he will. The budget for 2010/11 was set by the outgoing Tory administration and delivered the team set up by the Tories. The situation is comparable with 2006/7; we did no better than Labour in 2004/5, as we had to use the resources, organisation and culture inherited from the previous administration. Local government (and probably all government) is like a super tanker – it takes a while before changes to the controls impact on performance. 2011/12 will be the real test for Bassam and Labour.


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