Ealing and Northfield

How quaint and re-assuring to see Labour MP Stephen Pound quoting the King James bible?

In the Gazette this week Ealing North MP Stephen Pound talks about the proposed boundary changes:

My initial delight at the prospect of just about the safest Labour seat in the known universe is tempered by the fact that my home ward, Hobbayne, will be ripped untimely from its natural home in Ealing North and cast away to the new and heavily blue-tinged central Ealing constituency.

I will not even be able to vote for myself if these proposals are approved and as one who takes some measure of pride in always having lived in the area I represent this is as wormwood and gall to me and leaves a bitter taste.

I am sure that Pound has enough Bible learning to know he was quoting the Book of Lamentations 3:19 from the Old Testament which is attributed to the sad, moany old prophet Jeremiah.

Remembering mine affliction and my misery, the wormwood and the gall.

Pound is being somewhat hysterical I think to compare his being mildly discomfited by not living in his newly drawn safe Labour seat of Greenford and Northolt with the Babylonians destroying Jerusalem and burning King Solomon’s Temple to the ground, which had stood for approximately 400 years.

Pull yourself together man. I am sure that the majority of Hobbaynians will be singing Hosannas to the Highest for their deliverance.

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