Ealing and Northfield

Skate Jam on Sunday

Go and see the new skate park at Gurnell Grove on Sunday. They are having an opening event from 10am to 5.30pm run by the Ealing Skatepark Association, the enthusiasts who helped the council to put this project together. See details here and here. Congratulations to Piers Leigh and his fellow enthusiasts for getting to where we are now.

It is somewhat sick making to see the Ealing Labour Group trying to own this project since it was Labour activists who scuppered the original Elthorne park site and delayed the project for a year, see here. The old Tory administration worked with the skaters and really pushed this project along. It was Ian Gibb and I who signed off this project with much support from the FORMER leader Jason Stacey (he hates me calling him the old leader).

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