Ealing and Northfield Policing

Police warning: Watch out for industrial dryer doorstep con

The Northfield Safer Neighbourhood have put out the following warning this morning:

Dear Residents,

Can we inform you of an incident that occurred on the 5th September 2011 so that you can be forewarned should the individual’s concerned attempt the same fraud in your neighbourhood.

At about 0900hrs a young white male aged 18 – 22, no better description, called at an address in Clitherow Avenue occupied by an elderly couple. He told them that there was a water leak, and therefore a damp problem, in their neighbours house and that he needed to get into their loft to assess the problem. He was then joined by another white male aged 40 – 50, no better description, who told them that he had to put an industrial dryer in their loft which required scaffolding and that they needed to give him £4500 in cash straight away so he could do that.

It was explained to him they did not have that kind of cash in the house. He took their phone number and left. He then phoned persistently asking if they had got the cash yet. They could not raise their neighbours, who they thought were on holiday anyway, so went to the bank and withdrew the cash. Fortunately they had asked another neighbour to help them and it was he who next spoke to the individuals concerned and advised them their services were not required. Police were called and the cash returned to the bank.

Could we ask you to be vigilant, and under no circumstances hand over cash to contractors cold calling at your home. If you have any doubt as to the identity or authenticity of callers at your door please call us on the above number and we will be happy to attend and check identity for you. Please be especially vigilant for any elderly neighbours you may have.

Thank you

Good work. Well written. Timely. Thank you!

2 replies on “Police warning: Watch out for industrial dryer doorstep con”

Would agree it was well written if they hadn’t got the wrong decade. I suppose the warning still stands, even if it is 10 years late.


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