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Labour’s £1 million garden tax

My cabinet papers arrived yesterday and when I flipped through them I didn’t really get excited about Item 12 – Environmental Services Contract – Service Improvements and Future Options. Read it and weep.

Tonight, working my way through them it dawned on me that this paper describes the stupidest decision the Ealing Labour group is ever likely to make. Charging residents a new £40 garden tax is electoral suicide.

Overall the move will rake in £1.1 million per annum although it will cost £720K to set up. More importantly it will probably see the borough’s hard won recycling rate go backwards by 1%.

The Tories warned of the implications of Labour’s shiny new contract back in July. Coming next, Labour rips up its manifesto and introduces fortnightly collections.

This change was thought up by some group of idiot accountants and middle managers. Labour should have had the sense to say no. Apparently not. Boom!

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The Gazette has also picked this up with an article at the bottom of page 2.

They say the decision whether or not to introduce it will be taken next Tuesday. No doubt you will keep us informed. Also mentioned is Cllr. Mahfouz blaming “the cuts” – how convenient and original NOT.

I for one will not pay an extra £40 for garden waste collection on top of what I already pay in Council Tax – I will take it to the Tip myself in principle.

And I don’t want one of those unsightly and cumbersome ‘Wheely Bins’ anywhere near my property.

The present system works very well. If Labour wrecks it, that will just demonstrate their incompetence.



You know most of the stuff below but I will spell it out for people who don’t follow the council closely.

Most big decisions are made by the cabinet. Their next meeting is on Tuesday, see here.

I saw the story reported in the Gazette and promptly read the cabinet paper and did this blog. Usually the paper reserves judgement until after the cabinet meeting which they often send journalists to. That way they can get opposition comments, etc and include any debate in the story. It is such a dumb decision that they went with it as soon as they saw the cabinet paper.

On the Conservative side we always have a group meeting on the Monday before a cabinet meeting and discuss our group’s approach to an issue. Normally I would not comment much, if at all, before this meeting. Again this is such a crap decision I wasn’t really in danger of putting myself offside with my colleagues by going with it.

The timing is particularly inept as this is the time of year that most people are in their gardens at weekends trying to tidy them up.


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