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Plastic policeman

Sir Hugh Orde earned the nation’s respect as the Chief Constable of the former Royal Ulster Constabulary but as the President of ACPO he is essentially the chief shop steward of our spectacularly failing police service. He is the face of police producer interest. His recent above-pay-grade performances rubbishing elected police commissioners and dissing politicians omitted to apologise for the complete failure of the senior police command structure that he represents.

Today’s hilarious Daily Mail story about his made up uniform shows him up as being unfit to be the next Met Commissioner. London does not need this strutting fool.

The most telling line in the Mail’s report is:

But now it can be revealed that Sir Hugh, who stepped down as Chief Constable of Northern Ireland two years ago, is wearing a dark blue uniform specially made for him by the Metropolitan Police’s in-house tailors.

“Metropolitan Police’s in-house tailors” – I am speechless. Please let me at the Met’s budget. The government’s 20% is very deliverable believe me.

If Orde gets the job we can have no confidence that he will tackle the la-la culture of the Met which includes an in-house tailoring service and 26 police limo drivers who cost £2 million a year but is quite happy with repeated large scale operational failure and outdated terms and conditions which routinely see 12 policemen sleeping for every copper on night duty.

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