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Is Southall MP sponsored by the Indian government?

Today, I have written to Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma to ask what happened at the party held to celebrate his victory at the general election last May. According to an article in The Indian Express a contribution of £5,000 was made by Indiatourism, an arm of the Indian state. It is quite beyond me how this event helped to promote Indian tourism and even worse I can’t comprehend why a UK MP would want to take such a large donation from a foreign government. The story has also been covered by the local Pardes Weekly magazine, click image below to enlarge (find details at

Looking at the Parliamentary Register of Members’ Interests information at I can’t see any indication that Sharma has declared this donation. I have asked Sharma why this item is not in the register of member’s interests and to confirm whether this amount was included in his election expenses. I can’t see how this party was not part of his election expenses. Sharma’s own facebook wall confirms many of the details along with the senior Labour figures who were dining out at the expense of the Indian government.

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