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Overweening BBC news on strike

I have been turned off the news over the last week or so as a result of the whole BSkyB/Murdoch/News International/hacking thing. The NOTW was pretty evil to do what it did to people. The resulting public anger is warranted. The great big meringue of nothing being blown up by politicians and the non-News International media has bored me rigid though.

This morning I turned on the Radio 4 Today programme, I just can’t stop myself, only to hear a repeat of the Reith Lecture. The NUJ are on strike. They will be on strike again in two weeks time too apparently, see here.

The NUJ are extremely silly. Just when the liberal left nexus of the BBC/Guardian, they have literally been working together on the Murdoch story, have convinced everyone that the big issue with news media plurality in this country is News International and along comes the NUJ to remind us that the BBC dominates our news. Doh!

Just so you know the numbers look at this Ofcom paper. TV has a 73% share of where people get their news from and the BBC owns a 70% share of that.

In addition to the 70% share of TV, the BBC has a 54% share of radio news and 40% share of page views of the top 50 news websites. Sky only has a 6% share of TV news. NI is big in papers, about 35%, but radio and online are almost as big as the newspaper segment. The BBC has a bigger share of radio and online than NI has of newspapers and the BBC’s share of TV news is double NI share of newspapers and a 12 times bigger share than Sky of the TV segment. The real news media plurality story in this country is the vast preponderance of the BBC.

One reply on “Overweening BBC news on strike”

Phil, to be honest with you I just do not care about the BBC journalists strike. BBC news is so insipid and boring (even compared to Sky News) and the whole thing is so obviously biased that I just hope that the government does not cave in and give them anything. Personally I think the BBC should be prvatised and the licence fee abolished.


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