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Featherstone ignores old Labour

Yesterday evening, after a 3.5 hour debate, the Featherstone High School governing body voted by a considerable majority to go Academy. This took place in the face of a huge campaign by all the Southall Labour councillors and the NUT to persuade them otherwise.

Between them the local MP, Virendra Sharma, his researcher and council leader Julian Bell and all of the Southall councillors have shown themselves to be stubbornly old Labour. In running with the SWP dominated NUT they have shown themselves yet again to be pro-producer and anti-resident/parent/pupil/consumer. Congratulations to the Featherstone governors for standing up for their school and their community.

One reply on “Featherstone ignores old Labour”

Hear! Hear! Phil. An excellent result, it is just bad that such resources were applied by the Labour Group to stop progress. I think that if such resources had been applied to the Albert Dane Day Centre for the Disabled and the LINKS project then alternatives to closing these facilities would have been found.
Vivendra is clearly very far out of touch with his consituents… We can but hope that the next General Election will allow his forced departure for a fantasyland of his choice (Disneyland perhaps?).
What we need is a Conservative Council wi


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