National politics

Nasty party

Jack Dromey’s main qualification for being an MP is that he is the husband of Harriet Harman, deputy leader of the Labour party, arguably the most PC woman in Britain, although her support of women in the Labour party does not extend to anyone going up against her husband.

Although he is 2010 new boy Dromey’s union and Labour party connections got him elected to the shadow cabinet and appointed as Communities and Local Government shadow. Dromey has failed to make any impression whatsoever shadowing Eric Pickles and there is no-one on the Labour front bench who has proven less effective Dromey.

Clearly his impotence has reduced him to making silly attacks on Pickles’ considerable weight. In the Harman/Dromey world view it is OK to say nasty things about people as long as they are Conservatives. Dromey’s comments were best left unreported and I don’t know why our council leader thinks they need to be repeated outside an internal Labour meeting where maybe they think it is OK.

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