Ealing and Northfield Policing

A message from the Police regarding firearms incidents last night

The following was received today from the Police for wider distribution:

Dear All,

Last night there were 4 separate incidents involving firearms on Ealing Borough.

I would like the following information to be passed out to our local communities, Councillors, partners and interested parties.

Firearms incidents on the Borough are not common and this is a very unusual number of events in a short space of time.

The details of the incidents;

1. 17.00 – Walpole Ward W13 – A loaded shotgun was recovered by police following information that a weapon was hidden at a particular location.
2. 21.12 – Elthorne Ward W13 – a shotgun was fired at the exterior of a house
3. 23.10 – Acton Central Ward W3 – A 16 year old male was shot in the lower leg. He is currently in hospital and his condition is ‘stable’ although his injuries may be life changing.
4. 23.26 – Cleveland Ward W13 – a shotgun was fired at the exterior of a house

All of these are being treated as separate incidents at this time and there is no reason or evidence to link them.

Specialist units from the firearms command have been called in to look and investigate all of the incidents.

We will be releasing more information as we have it and as the investigations unfold. At this time there is no known motive or reasons for any of these incidents.



Simon Message
Chief Inspector Partnerships
Ealing Borough

One reply on “A message from the Police regarding firearms incidents last night”

These releases from the local police are tantamount to no information. I would very much like to know the age of the victims and the perpetrators, I would like to know what they look like (white, black, asian) the height of the perpetrators, their potential ethnicity (east european, afro caribbean, english, etc.). I personally have reported two criminal incidents to the police and seen other antisocial behavious in Ealing and if the police are serious about getting information from the public the public must know enough the incidents to be able to say “I saw someone just like that talking about knifing someone in the Euro newsagent and store near TVU a month ago…”
If the police want our help we need to have some idea what these people look like!


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