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I have been making a record of my trips to Southall lately. My standard journey is from the Sainsburys in West Ealing to the Herbert Road multi-storey car park. Council leader Julian Bell has noticed that I have been doing this and suggested that I am choosing my times carefully. I will try to go on weekend evenings when I know Southall gets busier.

This afternoon’s trip was dominated, as I have come to expect, by queing up to get across the Town Hall crossroads from Southall Park, with the buses bullying their way into my path as per usual. Southall was busy with children out for their Easter holidays. When I got to Herbert Road there was a rolling queue of cars at the entrance but within two minutes I had found a place. The car park was busy but it was turning over and I counted 35 free places.

My five recent trips are tabulated below.

Although two of these trips can be dismissed as being the wrong times I would suggest that Friday and Saturday afternoon are pretty peaky. Even when it is busy the overall journey time is dominated by the drive duration not the park duration.

I predict that Southall can only get more congested if people have a reasonable expectation of parking easily. Surely Labour’s £5.5 million car park will make Southall more congested?

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I do agree with you the drive towards Southall gets troublesome at SOuthall park, mainly due to 3 lanes (inc bus lane ) merging into one, this is not new news.

The potential site o the car park is just past this, opposite Lidl, again a 2 lane traffic road with limited space to extend the carriageway.

However I still say the push for a dual use cpz wouldve been beneficial for all, in the future we shall see Herbert road being less full by those entering from the Ealing side of Southall, that is all.

Traffic will always be there but no party has been able to come up with a solution, although the timing could be better, this in fact the first investment releated to improve parking for SOuthall in over a decade.



At the same time the money was spent in Greenford £1.9 million was spent on streetscape improvements in Southall. See here.

Labour’s Tory asset stripping of Southall myth is just that. Over the course of the Conservative administration some tens of million of Pounds was invested in Southall. A lot went into road building. More into schools. Parks. And the sports centres.

As Labour has been spreading so many lies in this area I will be asking officers to spell this all out at the next council meeting using written questions.


Can i ask of the full extent of the costs of the Good for Greenford scheme? Residents got something they didnt want, I now avoid Greenford due to the misery of car traffic, yes it does look abit nicer than before, but the amoutn invested was shocking.



I think the Greenford money was well worth spending. It looks a lot smarter and the stop and shop parking bays are a good idea.

I do think it’s a shame that they’ve made the congestion worse though. I drive through Greenford every day and the problem is almost entirely down to poor phasing of the traffic lights.

Heading east through the Bdwy you get 20 seconds out of every 2 minutes. Simply not enough considering the phenomenal number of buses. When the lights at the Red Lion go down the congestion vanishes – though of course it’s tricky for pedestrians.


Hi Phil,

The openess with the numbers is appreciated. If I understand it correctly the one really peak time visit you had (saturday rather than Friday afternoon) had no able bodied spaces available? That could easily be described as full…

For the sake of clarification is your objection that there is no need for the spaces (not enough cars parking) or that the it will make congestion worse (too many cars parking in the area?)



I think most town centre car parks at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon will be full. Have you been to Kingston lately?

It only took me 3 minutes from joining the queue to finding a space at peak time as they do turn over pretty quickly. The journey from Sainsbury in West Ealing took five times longer.

So, I don’t think the car park is required and it will just add to the congestion (which is the bigger problem) as people will have a reasonable expectation that they can park so will therefore be more likely to drive.


I will keep doing this at a range of times.


Phil as i keep asking and you keep avoiding (seems to be)

Would you or any other party know of any solutions to decrease the congestion? In over 15 years, its beggars belief no solutions has been found

Yes the labour admin seem to cater now for the extra capacity but they have listened to residents and traders who asked for a car park, but theres nothing wrong with that.

Also with the location of the new car supposedly neart the high street
this will reduce the congestion of The Broadway, which is the 3rd most congested road in London, clever spin I think!!!


Hi Phil,

I must admitt that I have not been to Kingston recently, however I still don’t follow your reaesoning. Surely by suggesting that by building the car park it will “creat a reasonable expectation” of being able to park that some people do not reasonably expect to park at the moment. Which assuming they are rationa,l (and your one trip on saturday afternoon suggests) that there are not enough spaces to meet demand at peak time in Southall at the moment?

The congestion is an issue that needs to be addressed of course (unless it is caused by parking down the broadway near the lady margret road junction…)


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