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Every day is a good day to bury good news

I have just heard from Central Ealing and Acton MP, Angie Bray, that Ealing Council has been burying good news again:

Ealing council was awarded a £1.12 million New Homes Bonus grant last Monday by the government. I have waited in vain for an announcement by Ealing council of this good news but yet again the council seems intent on burying good news.

Only three weeks ago Ealing got £323K from the Department of Transport as a part of a budget announcement on repairing pot holes. Unaccountably this was ignored by the council too. It seems that Ealing council is only interested in bad news from the Coalition Government.

Read about the New Homes Bonus here and the pot hole money here.

7 replies on “Every day is a good day to bury good news”

Surely the communications operation of the Council, the bit that is employed by the Council, should be passing this information to its elected officials (Councillors) and pumping it out to the populace (or are we to be subjected to endless Gaia-tree-hugging Mother Earth stuff on Mothers’ Day). Surely the corporate comms department should be doing this under the direcction of chief executive Martin Smith and the Executive Director Environment Customer Services Keith Townsend should be putting this stuff out on the Ealing Council website automatically, if not WHAT ARE THEY DOING INSTEAD?



To be fair bad news coverage by Ealing Council under the Conservative administration was very poor.

I’m still waiting to read the news on the Council web site that the Council lost the 2009 Public Inquiry into the Arcadia development!


Mr Leach,
Touche! Your post brought a smile to my lips in the midst of the Labour Librarocide! Are you going to start a campaign against the next tower block proposed at the TVU/BT “Dial House” site and how can I contribute to it? Isn’t it time to make use of the Governnment’s Localism Legislation and get a couple of plebiscites going on the themes of a) buildings over three storeys in height in Ealing, and b) The protection of Libraries, Disabled, and Mental Health facilities in Ealing?


P.S. Living on a road that is pothole-prone the £330K for potholes is a Godsend (no blasphemy intended).

Why don’t you start a section of you blog where people can highlight their potholes and then you can see whether the Labour Group ACTUALLY spend the pothole money on real potholes.



P.P.S. David Cameron is growing on me. I loved the speech he gave a few days ago on holding street parties and ignoring local council bureaucracy to do this (Yahoo news a couple of days ago). I am surprised that you haven’t done a blog entry on it.



As Singh says the council are pretty good at fixing things if you inform them. If there is a hole in your road dial 020 8825 6000 and it will get fixed pretty quick. So will most other things so pick up the phone and call.


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