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Look at what is happening around us

It has got to the point where even some voices in the Labour party feel that Labour needs to move on from its deficit denying stance if it wants to be fit to govern. If I had seen Luke Bozier’s piece on the LabourList blog earlier I might have bought it out at Tuesday’s council meeting. The Ealing Labour group are a very much in the deficit denying camp and were quick last Tuesday with calls of “It’s the bankers fault”. Bozier’s core paragraph was:

Labour now needs to go away, re-build its intellectual base and offer a genuine apology for the economic mess we have contributed to. Whilst many of the Tory cuts are unpopular, a large portion of the population still believes that Labour’s mis-management of the economy from 2005-2007 is a major contributing factor to those cuts. We need to convince the country once again that we can be responsible with the economy. Perhaps we should be looking at Chile & Australia; in Chile it’s illegal to run a deficit if the country is at full employment, and both nations have statutory ‘stability funds’ which get topped up in the good times to cover spending in the hard times. These should be the kind of policies we are putting forward now, not just a shallow, hypocritical and baseless attempt to demonise the government for sorting out the economic mess which we in large-part contributed to.

Ealing Labour take note.

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Watching the Politics Show today I note Jules – head of a council – talking about how they have protected front-line services in spite of cuts (admittedly by hollowing out their staffing: fewer staff, and FEWER MANAGERS GLORY BE!), however, no libraries wil close in his area, rubbish will be collected, the childrens services will continue. It seems to me that Ealng Council is moving away from making strange decisions to looking completely incompetent. Are there no laws or legal procedures that could be used to stop these nutters before they destroy it all?



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