Ealing and Northfield


Labour’s soon to be ditched housing supremo, Hitesh Tailor, is a bit of a comedian. He laments the fact that his own party failed to raise housing as an issue at the council meeting last night. Labour asked questions on national issues such as the spending review, the 2011 budget, the NHS and the march on 26th March. They tabled motions on the budget and policing. If Cllr Withani wants to have housing discussed at a council meeting perhaps he could persuade his colleagues to raise it? Labour don’t seem to want to talk about Ealing much right now at council meetings. They seem to prefer opposition.

In the meantime I asked him three weeks ago could he tell us how many people lost their homes as a result of Labour’s James Purnell limiting LHA to the five room rate in April 2009 as a result of the Acton Afghan case. Labour limits LHA and it is OK. No comment from Withani. The Tories do it and we are hypocrites. Sorry but I think Withani needs to look up the meaning of the word hypocrite!

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