Ealing and Northfield

Stacey shreds Grimebusters

At the last council meeting council leader Julian Bell boasted that Labour had met 64 of its 101 manifesto commitments. Time will tell. Bell was clearly confusing making budget provisions with actual achievement on the ground.

One promise that Labour have been very proud of is their 24/7 Grimebusters hotline. Their manifesto listed it as one of their top five key pledges:

According to opposition leader Jason Stacey each of the 122 calls received in the first three months of the scheme has cost £182, see here. The hotline is a typical Labour politician’s shiny bauble. Looks good in a manifesto. Costs a lot of money.

Cllr Jason Stacey, Conservative Group Leader, said:

Even with all the fanfare and publicity surrounding the Grimebusters Hotline theses figures show that it has been a complete flop. In the current economic climate there can be no justification for a simple phone call to report graffiti and fly tipping costing taxpayers £182.

It is ironic that the Labour administration has wasted this money on a hotline very few are using at a time when they are cutting the number of graffiti teams operating in our borough. I would have thought residents would much prefer money to be spent on having the teams in place to actually remove the graffiti rather than wasting it on a gimmicky reporting scheme that has fallen flat on its face.

One reply on “Stacey shreds Grimebusters”

I wonder if:
a) closing the disabled centres, and
b) leaving the top three levels of senior management in the council at the expense of workers actually providing service untouched in the cutbacks, and
c) building a giant car park in Southall that nobody needs,
fulfills three of Labour’s manifesto promises. On this basis I dread to think what the other promises are like!


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