Ealing and Northfield

How clean next year?

One of the important questions the Tories asked when they came into power in 2006 was why if we were paying to have our streets cleaned were they not clean? The answer was that the street cleaners were not checked. We might have hoped that they might check themselves, which was clearly the old Labour administration’s hope, but the contractor simply weren’t doing it. Rather than hope we spent your money on a team of cleansing monitoring officers to measure what was actually happening. The streets got cleaner when we had the evidence to manage our contractor with.

Recently Labour have been happy to boast of this team’s achievements. Unfortunately Labour think that they can get away with doing less monitoring. In November they proposed to reduce the team from 6 to 2. After lobbying and re-negotiation the team has ended up being 3.2 people (some are part-time). This is a 47% cut in this service.

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