Ealing and Northfield

Frontline envirocrime officers reduced by 43%

In Northfield ward we are in awe of our envirocrime officer. He does a great job up to and including getting a criminal gang of fly-tippers put in jail. Up until now there has been a team of 23 envirocrime officers, one for each ward. This one-to-one correspondence between ward and staff has allowed them to form excellent working relationships with the police Safer Neighbourhood teams and the ward councillors, at least that is how it works in our ward I would assume it works similarly in the others unless something is badly wrong.

The original proposal for changes in this area involved reducing this team from 23 to 12 officers, a reduction of 48% in headcount terms. After much complaint, not least from Tory group, an extra officer has been put back in to take the group back 13. This still represents a cut in headcount terms of 43% and compares very poorly with the cut proposed in service heads of only 9%, see here, and the cut in facility time of only 20%, see here. Yet again we see a mismatch between the Labour administration’s priorities and residents’.

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