Ealing and Northfield

Union facility time only lightly trimmed

One of the cuts that the Labour administration is making in the back office is in what is called union facility time. This is a legal entitlement for union organisers to use work time to organise. In many organisations it is considered more efficient if a few people do this full-time rather than many do it part-time. In Ealing the budget for this is £250K per annum this year. This is to be cut by 20% or £50K, but not the next financial year 2011/2, the year after.

When compared to frontline cuts of 50% in many areas valued by residents it seems strange indeed that union facility time should only be cut by 20% and that this should be delayed until the year after next. It seems to me that this is another example of Labour having the wrong priorities.

3 replies on “Union facility time only lightly trimmed”


Hope you are keeping a tally of your suggested savings.

Please would you tell us about the apparent purchase of the YMCA.

Don’t these things also have to be approved by Cabinet – up front?

Thank you


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