Ealing and Northfield Mayor Johnson

Ooops, Labour can’t get their story straight

The only two Labour councillors who bothered to turn up to last night’s Boris event in Greenford were the leader who was on the panel and their transport spokesman, Bassam Mahfouz. Out of a group of 40 that is pretty awful. Eight of the Tory group were there along with five ex-councillors. I will do a proper report later but meanwhile I have been looking at some of the tweets.

It seems that Cllrs Bell and Mahfouz didn’t confer. Mahfouz seems to think that the event was of no consequence whilst the leader seems to think he manfully held the Mayor to account. They can’t both be right.

Mahfouz needs to learn to be a little less catty. David Millican’s son Nathan asked a question about RMT’s strikes on the underground. It was no more planted than any of the other questions. Nathan is very tall and very red headed and was sitting at the end of a row about one third of the way from the front so it is unsurprising that he caught the chairman’s eye.

Nathan did have the advantage of being introduced to the chairman Richard Barnes and Cllr Mahfouz himself by his father at the start of the meeting. All normal social behaviour I think. Nathan did have an advantage but his question was his own. It’s nice to be nice councillor.

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