Ealing and Northfield

With friends like these …

The Ealing Labour group really do like to insult the intelligence of Ealing people. Today’s press release from Labour on council rents attempts to turn a bare-faced lie into an attack on the Tories. They say:

The Labour administration is proposing a real term freeze by increasing rents only by the level of inflation, which is currently 4.7%.

If you go and look at the National Statistics website you will find that RPI is indeed at 4.7% but CPI, which excludes some housing costs but not rents, is only 3.3%.

If Labour had tried to put up council tax by 4.7% they would have ensured their ejection in 2014. It seems they think that they can punish “their people” with a 5% rise though. Last year the Tories put up council rents by nothing, zero, 0%. It was a freeze, freeze. Not a lying “real term freeze”. You can see the cabinet paper here for details.

One of the major planks of Labour’s May 2010 local election campaign was the lie that existing council tenancies would be at risk under the Tories. This is still a lie today. The Labour voters who fell for it are now having to suck up a 5% rise in their rents – the Tory group warned that rents would go up under Labour and so it has proven. Back in May last year I pointed out that Labour had made no manifesto promises about rents and warned that council rents would “shoot up”.

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