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Tories stick to old tech

Today I complete my round up of what Ealing’s councillors get up to on social media with the Tory councillors.

There are no Tory twitterers. I am not sure why the Tories are so Twitter averse. Maybe you are entitled to be tech laggards if your party name implies leaving things well alone! I guess that Twitter became popular whilst the Ealing Tory group were in power and it was not obvious to any of the then Tory councillors that it made sense to make a fool of yourself with Twitter. As I have found myself it is not hard to have your words taken out of context with blogs. The scope with Twitter, which is more spontaneous and offers less context, to cock up is probably greater than it is with blogs.

As well as myself there is one other Tory councillor blogger, Benjamin Dennehy, one of our new councillors.

Benjamin has gone to the trouble of getting his own domain name and setting up a very slick website. It does sometimes have a hint of the Alan B’stards about it. His blog has some interesting posts but has not been updated since 9th December. Keep up Benjamin!

Cllrs Millican, Stafford and I have done pieces for the ConservativeHome blog.

The Tory councillors are relatively confident compared to the other groups about posting on the EalingToday forum. Between them Cllrs Dabrowska, Dennehy, Costello, Millican, Popham, Stacey and I have posted hundreds of times, most often trying to respond to those “Look what the council has done now?” type postings. It’s old tech but hey!

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How many have time to go into the social networking sites one after the boring other? The impact of using such a multiplicity of the expanding social networking sites is that the information will get more and more remote.

With the expected reduction of Around Ealing issues I hope the Councillors will turn more to the Gazette which apparently is read by more people than any other medium apart from Around Ealing.

I fully support more and more Councillors using Ealing Today and the Acton website more often. Cllr Millican seems to have retreated.

Apart from Bassam the labour people are useless when it comes to debate and communicating.

So stick with old tech, but we all know you will have to start behaving yourself if you put yourself up for the new Leader job. A new year resolution perhaps?!!!


You make a good point George about critical mass I think. The Gazette does have a pretty small readership and is a one way broadcast largely. Their coverage can be weak and the whole weekly news cycle thing is a turn off in this day and age. Around Ealing is largely the leader on broadcast with some attenuation by officers and a few parish notices. I had high hopes for Ealing Times’ online offering at one point but it has long ago ceased to exist. The EalingToday forum is quiet compared to the Chiswick one and does get a bit a rude and shouty sometimes. I think councillors and residents alike tend to withdraw if they get flamed. There is a sore need for some kind of forum for local news and comment can all come together.


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