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LibDems online, but so dull

Continuing my round up of what Ealing’s local politicians are doing with blogs and other social media here is what the LibDems are doing. Two out of the five LibDems on the council are active online.

New councillor Nigel Bakhai has his own domain name and website, an artefact of his standing as the LibDem Parliamentary candidate for the Ealing Southall constituency. Bakhai has a blog component of his website, it comprises an excruciating list of appointments. “It is a blog Jim, but not as we know it.”

Bakhai is a relatively new twitterer with 110 tweets to his name to-date. His tweets are not much more exciting than his blog.

As candidate for Ealing Central and Acton Cllr Jon Ball had a blog up until May last year which is still up but has not been updated since. Ball has managed 26 posts in five years which does not say much for his work rate.

Ball is also a twitterer with over 2,600 tweets under his belt so maybe he compensates with his Twitter account. It is all a bit inane though.

Both Bakhai and Ball have commented a few times on the EalingToday forum. It is creditable that 2 out of 5 LibDem councillors are out there but they are both dull, dull, dull.

One reply on “LibDems online, but so dull”


At least they engage. NB’s site was more interesting, but is laggging now. However uniquely we get a view of the commitment needed of a hard working Councillor.

What a dog’s life for anyone.


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