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Happy New Year from your council

Residents in CPZs today see their parking charges going up by multiples. The prices have not changed for five years due to a manifesto pledge made by the last Conservative administration to leave them unchanged. The changes are so eye watering that it is the equivalent of a 1.9% rise in council tax but instead of the whole borough paying from 1st April it is a small number of residents of CPZs paying from 1st January.

The council have produced this handy ready reckoner, follow link.

Although the ready reckoner is on the whole quite transparent it does tell a couple of porkies in the area of CPZ charges. The tables below shows the kind of rises being imposed by the council.

It is notable that two of the smallest rises of 20% apply to the service vouchers widely abused by council staff around Perceval House and to Springbridge Road car park where council staff who need to drive for work get permits issued and might incur taxable benefits in kind. In November and December there were roughly 100 council staff and contractors staff abusing the service vouchers in CPZ zone W every day.

4 replies on “Happy New Year from your council”

I find the Business Permit rise from £250 to £600 quite disturbing. One would now have to categorise the current Labour Council as being anti-business.

As for Mini-cab drivers they appear to not have any parking rights according to the table of charges. They are unlikely to be ‘residents’ and so I suppose they must be described as ‘Business’ users. In which case they should be paying £600/year which would probably put them all out of business.



You make a valid point about business permits. Apparently the council reckon that stopping on a suburban street near your business is as valuable as having a place under cover in the Springbridge car park in the town centre. Could this dodgy looking price equivalence be driven by council officers’ own interests?


Ealing is already known as a place to avoid for builders and craftsmen without “connections” who regard Ealing as one of the most difficult boroughs in London to work in. A 900 per cent rise in builders/contractors dispensations can only result in less choice for the consumer and a poorer infrastructure in Ealing for residents not to mention impacting the fragile construction-related area of the economy in Ealing. Not much interest from the Labour Group in creating blue-collar jobs in Ealing, huh?
E.W. (Recently deleted from Ealing Today Forum for speaking against the council!)



Just unbelievable when put so clearly in context like this. And when combined with fare increases (programmed to rise above inflation for the next few years) the need for greater local regeneration of jobs is even higher.

What Does Mr Bell with portfolio for Regeneration know about that?


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