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Sharma burbles on

Virendra SharmaI don’t know who wrote Ealing Southall MP, Virendra Sharma’s New Year message in the Gazette. It may well have been Labour council leader Julian Bell who works two days a week for Sharma. It is nonsense from start to finish.

In his first paragraph it seems Sharma has left behind his silly name calling and no longer uses the term ConDem coalition. He is not sufficiently up to speed with Labour Newspeak to have adopted Conservative-led coalition yet. No doubt he will pick that one up in a few months.

In his second paragraph he gets in a quick crack against the LibDems on tuition fees without bothering to explain the moral difference between Labour introducing and trebling tuition fees and the coalition trebling tuition fees.

Papa V gets slightly nauseous in his 3rd.

In Parliament we have seen the sickening sight of Tory and Lib Dem MPs cheering and waving their order papers when the chancellor announced £81bn cuts in public services and the loss of 500,000 public sector jobs and a further 500,000 private sector job losses.

I expect that Sharma’s weak stomach heaves at the sight of Tories even when they are not waving their order papers. Sharma of course exaggerates, a large part of the £81 billion is tax rises and is only different from the £60 billion tightening that Labour was envisaging by degree. Again Papa V please explain the moral difference between £60 billion and £80 billion. The UK’s interest rates, bond yields, etc since the election and the lack of Greek or Irish style crisis for the UK demonstrate that the Coalition has got the degree right too. Getting this judgement call right was the most important task faced by our new government. They got the biggest decision right. History will judge them well.

In his 5th Papa V is miserable about the consequences of clearing up after his government’s mess. In particular he talks about VAT. His government put up VAT by 2.5% last January. Is it morally worse to put up VAT by 2.5% this January? He calls the new VAT rate unprecedented but is clearly ignorant of the fact that rates of 20% or more are the norm across Europe.

Papa V signs off with a swipe at bankers and a complaint that “we are rapidly becoming a more unequal and divided society”. Maybe Sharma thinks that this kind of polemic goes down well in Southall. I suspect that Southall people are a bit smarter than that. The bank bail out will probably end up with the UK government making a small profit. Labour’s record on inequality was atrocious. It is all very well wanting loveliness but Labour simply failed to deliver it.

Our main problem is that Labour allowed government expenditure to run way out of control. We have been spending £4 for every £3 of tax revenue. The deficit was £155 billion last year and will be about £150 billion this year. That is the equivalent of putting £5,000 on the credit cards of every UK taxpayer last year and this year. We can’t afford Labour.

One reply on “Sharma burbles on”

Papa V says in his address: “I urge everyone to unite together to build a better society”. Perhaps he could start by getting the Labour Group to reverse its pathetic decisions to cut the Albert Dane centre for the disabled and the LINKs project? Over to you, Papa V.


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