Ealing and Northfield

Local Labour voted 53% for David

It is a week since the new Labour leader was elected and tomorrow is the start of the Tory conference so I will leave them to their own devices for a while after today.

I was struck though by the voting of the local constituency Labour parties in Ealing, you can see all of the CLP voting here. Local Labourittes must be really browned off with the result. They voted overwhelmingly in favour of David Miliband. The result across the three constituencies was:

Abbott 6%
Balls 6%
Burnham 4%
MiliD 53%
MiliE 30%
Spoilt 1%

The combination of AV and the unions robbed them.

Another interesting piece of information this data reveals is the relative size of the local CLPs:

Ealing Central and Acton CLP 562
Ealing North CLP 356
Ealing, Southall CLP 1206

Ealing Southall is the largest CLP in the country on these figures. Ealing North can return a Labour MP on 356 members but Ealing Central and Acton is 58% bigger but can’t. With over 2,000 foot soldiers in Ealing you can quite see how Labour won the council this year.

The turnout figures are pretty stunning too. Ealing Central and Acton 75%, Ealing North 70% but Ealing Southall 42%, the fifth worst in the country. Maybe some of the Southall members don’t actually know they are Labour members! Overall only 1,177 of Labour’s troops actually voted so luckily Ealing’s Red Army is not quite as large as it might be. Phew!

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