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Councillor Withani losing it

Labour’s housing supremo, Councillor Hitesh Tailor (AKA Councillor Withani), was showing signs of feeling the pressure at last night’s Overview and Scrutiny committee. He is no longer allowed out on his own by the Labour group so their chief whip Brian Reeves sat next to him and held his hand. Withani was not at the last cabinet meeting where again Reeves spoke for him. Maybe if he can’t do the job Labour should re-appoint?

Last night Withani was challenged yet again about Labour’s madcap scheme to bring the management of its council housing stock in-house after the demise of the lamentable Ealing Homes, a move that will lead to higher rents and service charges than would have been the case under the old Conservative administration’s proposal.

In his summing up Withani referred to the Tory’s work over the summer to get 1,724 borough residents to sign their housing petition as:

…lies and underhand tactics.

Very strange. I was one of the people who collected signatures. I don’t see which bit of our petition was a lie, see text here:

We the undersigned demand that the Ealing Labour council, honour their pledge to give us a proper say on who manages our homes, and that they tell us how each option will affect the rent/service charge we pay, so that we can make an informed choice, before a final decision is made.

Do you? What is underhand about knocking on someone’s door and asking for their support? Maybe Councillor Withani means that we should have asked Labour’s permission before we ventured on to “their” estates.

Councillor Withani then ended his rant by referring to the now defunct Tory plans:

It’s about ending council housing.

Now that really is a lie. The same old lie that Labour peddled around the estates before the election.

One reply on “Councillor Withani losing it”


The petition wording is based on a motion moved By Cllr Julian Bell, at full council in September or October last year, calling on us, when we ran the council, to give tenants and leaseholders a choice of all the options and the final say on who manages the service when Ealing homes contract comes to an end. Obviously they don’t want to be reminded of what they said in opposition.

As far as scare tactics are concerned, for them to accuse us of this when the delivered a leaflet to council estates during the election telling people that if they voted Tory at the local election that they would lose their secure council tenancies, and have them replaced with shorthold tenancy agreements, is a bare faced cheek.


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