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One man, four votes

There is a stunning graphic in the Sunday Times today showing how close the Labour leadership really was.

David was ahead in the first round 34.3% to 37.8%. The gap was 3.5%. When Abbott dropped out David was stayed ahead 38.9% to 37.5%. The gap was down to 1.4%. Although Abbott only picked up 7.4% of the overall vote a big majority of her supporters must have marked Ed second to make this size of change.

When Burnham dropped out David was ahead 42.7% to 41.3% – the gap held at 1.4% so we know that Burnhamittes were evenly divided between the Milibands.

When Balls dropped out David lost his lead 49.35% to 50.65%. The David lead goes from 1.4% to a lag of 1.3%, or 2.7% in total. So the Ballsittes were into Ed but not as much as the Abbottittes.

It was all very close and all three of the minor candidates had to drop out to get a winner. But, in the Labour leadership contest not all are equal. In the Conservative and LibDem parties it is one member, one vote. With Labour the rule is one ordinary member, one vote but one Leftie activist, many votes.

Take Labour Acton councillor Mik Sabiers.
He tweeted some days back:

Is casting his votes for the Labour leadership election – Ed Miliband is my first choice

Note votes, not vote. As I have noted before Sabiers claims membership of three unions plus the Labour party. His register of member’s interests entry lists him as being a member of three unions: Unite, GMB and NUJ.

4 replies on “One man, four votes”

Why are you so fascinated as to how other political parties choose their leader? Surely it’s up to them as to how they organise the vote.

Also as you are clearly anti Unions are you pleased or unhappy that the Union candidate got elected?


Hi Eric,

It’s a free country so I don’t see why I shouldn’t comment on Labour’s leadership election. After all there is a slim chance that Labour just elected our next Prime Minister. Judging by yesterday’s Channel 4 News the Unite and GMB unions “put everything they had” into persuading their members to back Ed over David. Indeed they broke the rules of the competition by covering the ballot envelopes with pro Ed ads.

I have to admit to being happy that Labour chose the wrong man. The last period of Tory rule in this country lasted 18 years. I hope that this one lasts until I reach retirement! Our country will need at least 20 years to recover from 13 years of New Labour and the great thief Gordon Brown.


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