National politics

Socialist Campaign Group backs Ed

The voting results for Labour MPs and MEPs are all here. I am not sure how anyone in the Labour party thinks there is any benefit in publishing these. They are quite fascinating though for a political nerd like me.

The real hard nuts just ranked their favoured candidate first and did not vote for anyone else.

Diane Abbott voted for herself and no-one else. Excruciatingly she only got 7 first preferences including herself. All of these came from members of the hard left Socialist Campaign Group of MPs.

The only person to give her his one and only first preference vote was fellow left-winger John McDonnell. Two other hideous lefties, Jeremy Corbyn and Linda Riordan, voted Abbott first and Ed Miliband second.

Left wingers always fight like cats and dogs. Although half of the 14 strong Socialist Campaign Group ranked Abbott first, 4 gave her no ranking at all. One marked her 5th, one 4th and one 2nd.

As a result Ed Miliband actually picked up more points from the Socialist Campaign Group than Abbott. If you weight 1st place with 5 points, 2nd place with 4 points, etc. You get Abbott with 42 out of a possible 70 points from the Socialist Campaign Group against Ed Miliband’s 48 points. Ed really is the lefty’s fave. He got five first votes, five second votes and one third vote.

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