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Boris on a roll

Great news earlier this month when Boris Johnson confirmed that he was going to run again as London Mayor. Even better news today that he is comfortably ahead in the polls. Today’s Evening Standard carries the headline “Boris ‘To be Mayor again’” and reports that he is comfortably ahead of both of his potential Labour opponents.

May 2012 is a way long time in the future but Boris is going to be very hard to beat. Ken Livingstone is looking like the favourite to win the Labour selection competition. I cannot believe that Labour are letting him run again. Above all Boris has retained his innate likeability in office. After 8 years in power Livingstone had achieved a reputation for twisting the truth, nepotism and petty corruption.

Livingstone is using the “C” word to try to bring Boris down:

Boris Johnson cannot escape the fact that the he has pioneered huge cuts in London and he vigorously campaigned for his Tory colleagues to win the general election, knowing full well the economic policy they would deliver and the damage they would do to policing and transport. The government’s cuts are his cuts.

Personally I think that people will see through this and pin the blame where it is deserved, on Gordon Brown.

Ealing’s Labour crowd are falling over themselves to back Livingstone. MPs Pound and Sharma along with Sharma’s bag carrier, council leader Julian Bell, and 15 of his councillors have signed up to the Livingstone campaign here. That means 25 haven’t. Ashamed? I guess.

One reply on “Boris on a roll”

Ken Livingstone did much to ‘prepare the ground’ for the Olympics and his ambition is to be Mayor during the 2012 Games. He was always going to stand again in 2012, right from the time he lost to Boris Johnson in 2008.

Actually Ken did quite well in the 2008 Election – he may have lost, but not by as big a margin as might have been expected given the unpopularity of the Labour Government at the time.

Come the Mayoral Election in 2012 I think he will be perceived as ‘yesterday’s man’ and will not be able to repeat his remarkable performance of 2000 when he became Mayor while standing as an Independent.

People rather like Boris, and he is much less confrontational than Livingstone. However much will depend on the political situation at the time of the Election. While things appear to favour Boris today, much can change in two years.


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