National politics

BBC bashing the bankers

Always campaigning against obscene profits and obscene bonuses whilst others struggle to make ends meet.

Simon Hughes, the LibDem deputy leader, had a go at the City yesterday at the LibDem conference which gave the BBC the opportunity to pitch in too.

The BBC News at Ten came up with this graphic and the totally spurious comparison of City bonuses with the total cost of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (£2 billion) as a part of a Robert Peston package. They failed to mention that City bonuses are shared amongst a workforce of over a million or 4.2% of the entire country’s workforce. Ooops.

They also fail to mention that the FCO employs 4,385 civil servants. So on average they cost £510,000 per head. A lot more expensive than your average financial services worker. Double ooops. See FCO figures here.

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