Ealing and Northfield

Pound does not get it

I just caught up with Ealing North MP, Stephen Pound’s, column in the Gazette.

Without any hint of contrition, given that his party has just ended a 13 year stint in power, he uses most of his space to essentially complain about how the state treated him when he went to do jury service.

One reason why I am delighted to be back at the gas-works is that I have just completed the most mindnumbingly tedious two weeks of jury service and, frankly, anything would be an improvement.

Good on Pound for not trying to wriggle out of it as many do but his whinging does make you wonder. Obviously Pound hasn’t tried to report a crime to the police recently. Or, apply for unemployment benefit. Does this man not have any idea how the state typically treats the citizen? Doh!

The average MP costs us £633K, see here. It is a shame that Pound did not use his time to think about how the system could be improved.

No mention in his piece about the Tube strike either. Of course that is because Pound eschews public transport and drives to and from work where he has the use of Parliament’s underground car park. His last line gives it away:

… there is much to do before I succumb to the lure of the westbound A40.

How the other half live and how pleased Pound is to be back in the warm embrace of our £500 million a year Parliament?

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