National politics

The BBC cuts the cuts by 60%

I missed the BBC London Spending Review debate last night. You can see it here.

It was a typical BBC production. Pretending to be balanced while at the same time inserting patently left leaning voices as independently minded people.

The show opened with a hyped 4 minute package on “the cuts”. Talking about London councils’ BBC London’s political correspondent Karl Mercer intoned:

Our research suggests the total of cuts for the next three years could be as high as £2 billion.

Ooops. That is £3 billion or 60% less than their number yesterday and probably double the actual number, see here. Their “research” (read finger in the air) almost certainly does not take into account the effect of some of the smaller grant settlements and certainly won’t account for the fact that a large chunk of these “cuts” will be achieved by rises in service charges.

Some of the people talking were quite clearly stooges. I will highlight a couple in the following posts.

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