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Ealing and the cuts

Our own council has already been very clear about their views of how the spending review will affect Ealing. The Council announced that Ealing would face having to make “savings” of £53 million at its cabinet meeting on 22nd June. This is a target that seeks to reduce by 25% the amount of funding the council needs from government – a sensible assumption. Savings can be “cuts” or price increases for charged services. If the Council could make these savings they could leave the council tax unchanged for the next three years. See the June cabinet paper here.

In their manifesto Labour promised:

Keeping your council tax low with a freeze in the first year.

After four years of Conservative rule Ealing residents know what low means. It means zero or the odd 1%. Not 3% or 5%.

Labour are clearly in a vice – a vice that was entirely to be expected and it is no use complaining that the manifesto was written without any foreknowledge that there would be hard times to come. It is worth noting that the deficit last year was £155 billion. In other words the Labour government borrowed £5,000 on behalf of each and every worker in the UK during the course of one year. That kind of death spiral had to be stopped.

During the course of the last four year Tory administration the Council achieved savings in the order of £60 million with pretty much no-one noticing significant changes to the services that they receive so it is not unreasonable to suppose that £53 million savings target will not be the end of the world however much the Labour council tries to blame the Coalition for its problems.

If you want to keep in touch with what is going on keep an eye on the cabinet agenda. The first £5 million tranche of savings are already online prior to next Tuesday’s cabinet meeting, see here.

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The way that cuts are being implemented and the way that priorities are being assigned are very strange. Certain aspects of Ealing’s leisure infrastructure are clearly being neglected while other new projects are being prioritised at their expense.

It would make sense to me to cut as yet unbuilt projects and undertake to maintain what already exists. However, this is not being done. In point, the children’s playground in Walpole Park has lost equipment that has yet to be replaced. Also the Multi-User Games Area (MUGA) opposite the Ealing Park Tavern on the South Ealing Road in the Clayponds Lane development is looking very much the worse for wear. Portions of the mesh fence surrounding it have been removed and not replaced making this very popular facility harder and harder to use. Meanwhile, the Council is preparing to spend £200,000 on a new skateboard park in the Gurnell Leisure Centre area. Somehow this does not make sense to me. The C


The last administration made £60 million of savings, the new one is facing £53 million. Savings can be made whilst services are protected.

You make a good point about the playground in Walpole Park. I have taken this up with the parks people. My daughter is missing the roundabout.

The other park you mention is in Hounslow.

Funds for the skate park have been allocated for some time. It should have been built by now – it is a shame that a bunch of Labour activists sabotaged it becuase they thought that it would help them get more votes.


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