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Good news – sort of

Cllr Bell has been driving around the borough getting his picture taken again. This time at Gurnell swimming pool where the new Labour administration plan to put the skate park. Someone needs to tell Cllr Bell that beyond the age of 30 you don’t want to get photographed from below. Even some of the kids in this photo have double chins.

The history of the skate park up until May was one of transparent and sensible government. It was originally planned for Elthorne Park and two thirds of people adjacent to Elthorne Park supported it when they were asked in a consultation in June last year. It should have been operating right now, this autumn. Instead thanks to the machinations of local Labour activists the plan was held up by a spurious village green application and finally killed by the new Labour council administration.

The council’s press release today says:

Good news for skateboarders

Ealing Council is inviting residents to have their say on proposals to build a new skate park and outdoor play area in the grounds of Gurnell Leisure Centre.

The Council’s current administration reviewed initial plans to build the facility in Elthorne Park and this week announced the alternative location next to Gurnell Leisure Centre in Ruislip Road East.

Good news indeed as long as you don’t mind an eighteen month delay. Some of the young people in the photo with Cllr Bell will be at uni before this thing gets built.

Cllr Bell goes on to say:

We are really excited about the new plans and want to involve local people throughout the process. There are already a number of fantastic sports facilities in the north of the borough and we are hoping the skate park will add a new dimension and help support our long-term vision to promote the area as a sports hub in time for the 2012 Olympics.

It does seem strange to me that yet another sports facility is being added to the north of the borough. Couldn’t have anything to do with Labour’s calculation of where their voters live could it? If the skate park does finally get built and your kids end up having to commute to Gurnell you know who to blame.

One reply on “Good news – sort of”


Transport to Gurnell is much better and the siting will serve many more of the residents of Ealing borough rather than the previoous location which would have benefited some of the residents of Hounslow.

Labour have made the right decision as regards siting.


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