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Parking tickets halve under Tories

Tonight the Evening Standard is covering the story of the release by London Councils of figures for parking tickets across London showing that overall parking tickets are down 11% in a year and 22% in two years. The change in Ealing has been even more dramatic.

I was in charge of Parking Services, the people who give out tickets, for two years until May and I am proud to say that I presided over a massive reduction in the number of tickets given out by the Borough. In their last year in power Labour gave out 383,667 parking tickets. Under the Tories this number fell to 194,907 last year, a drop of 49%, or almost half. The current Labour portfolio holder for parking is Bassam Mahfouz. He has spent a lot of time over the last four years trying to make black white. We will keep an eye on these numbers and see if he can keep a similarly tight lid on the parking people.

For details see London Councils press release here.

One reply on “Parking tickets halve under Tories”

Parking tickets may be down but the lack of transparency in parking enforcement and some of the downright fraudulent issuing of parking tickets negates councils’ attempt to claim that the system is fair.


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