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Ads hit half billion for second year

When the country is going to the bad at a rate of £155 billion per annum, or roughly £5K per worker per year, it is a relief to find an area of government spending where you can happily slice out some hundreds of millions and stop bugging people too. Last year all of those irritating, hectoring government commercials reminding you to pay your TV licence and tell the revenue that your circumstances have changed cost £532 million. This was admittedly down from previous year’s record of £540 million, see the annual report of the Central Office of Information published today here.

Gordon “end of spin” Brown managed to spend £1 billion in two years puffing himself and all of his works. In the Major years government ad spending was more like £100 million per annum, you can see all of the histrorical figures here (scroll down to bottom).

According to this year’s annual report:

A general election was called in April 2010 and the majority of government marketing and communications was halted during the election period. The new Government, formed in May, implemented an immediate freeze on government advertising and marketing spend.

Government will continue to commission campaigns this year, but only where there is an essential need to do so. Exceptions will require approval from relevant directors of communications or from the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, depending on the budget.

That is what I voted for! At last some sanity.

2 replies on “Ads hit half billion for second year”

What’s the betting that we won’t see the end of the “Act on C02” ads once Hughne starts planting windwills everywhere.


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